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Welcome to Bob's Grill

Fun and family-friendly, Bob’s Grill is a favorite Kill Devil Hills restaurant for visitors and locals alike. Open seven days a week for breakfast and brunch in season, Bob’s Grill offers large portions of good food in a fun setting.
Bob’s Grill has been a go-to Kill Devil Hills restaurant since 1994. With their plate-sized pancakes, fresh-made hash browns, seafood omelet and Angus beef burgers, it’s easy to see why.


The Story Behind Our Curt Tagline...

We mean it in the nicest way...honest!

“Eat and Get the Hell Out” developed as our slogan during popular and crowded lunchtimes as founder Bob McCoy would move through the crowds at his Kill Devil Hills restaurant urging lollygagging locals to get a move on so he could seat waiting customers. Patrons got a kick out of it and stuck!  After you eat but before you Get The Hell Out, be sure to pick up a Bob’s Grill souvenir featuring their slogan.

Bob's Gallery

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